Pheromone Perfumes – Are They Real?

This same question was asked by me many times when I heard the pheromone perfume manufacturers claiming that their perfume contains human pheromones that can attract men. If pheromone perfumes actually doesn’t do anything at all, such as help women to attract men as it is billed to do? Its often difficult to get the clear cut information about the pheromone perfumes, but one thing is for sure, that these pheromone perfumes are on the hype. Good answers would either contain theoretical or empirical discussions of how pheromone colognes would or wouldn’t work. Rather than going for company words and scientific studies, its better to go for the real customer reviews and experiences. Although pheromones play a big role in other mammals , insects and animals, scientists also belive that it has an equal effect on humans too. However what is widely agreed upon is that the impact of pheromones is minimal at its best. In fact the vomeronasal organ in our nose, which supposedly detects pheromones is known to be oneof the “vestigal” organs. How does pheromones perfume induce sexual response? Glands in our armpits, genital regions and navels a clear liquid that contains pheromones. The pheromone scent reaches the noses of women. The olfactory system that starts from the nose passes the rational brain. This information is fed directly to the behaviour center in a woman’s brain. If the information communicated by our pheromone perfume is positive then a sexual response may be observed. . Pheromone perfumes – the best ones? You can get pheromone perfumes online and its easy to use. You can literally just spritz and go. Pheromone perfumes have a balanced blend of 3 human pheromones in a unique top notch cologne. For better results, just spray the pheromone perfume on to your wrists, and maybe a shot to the chest and you are ready for a date or a night out party. Final verdict So what’s the verdict? Do pheromones actually work? The verdict is that pheromones actually do work. The concept of pheromones actually exists. They come out of our bodies and affect women’s emotions as well as men’s emotions. Its nature. It’s a fact. At the end, we are all just organisms. Extremely smart and complex organisms whose brains have the capacity to override instinct and use thoughtv and reason. Bees and other animals that don’t have that ability to overrule their nstinctive reaction rely on pheromones everyday for mating and much more. So have fun with pheromone and if it doesn’t work for you, who cares it smells awesome.

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