How Does Low Testosterone Affect My Health And How Can I Boost Its Production?

Testosterone, though a vital hormone in both, male and female body, is more talked about in regard with men. Wondering why? It is because this hormone, also informally known as male sex hormone, is what develops a boy into man. More specifically, when a male baby is in his developmental stage, this hormone helps develop his sex organs and as puberty hits him, testosterone plays a key role in various aspects of his overall development. Some of such changes caused in a male body during puberty are: Deepening of voice Builds muscles and increases bone mass Growth of hair on face and chest Boost in size of sex organs Develops interest in sex and maintains it during adulthood Considering the immense importance of this hormone, it would not be too hard to assume the ways in which sexual function of men can suffer due to reduced testosterone levels. This hormone is produced in testes and any interruption in its production causes its levels to drop. It is known that as a man touches age 30, the production of this hormone gradually starts declining. While treating low testosterone is a possibility today, knowing when exactly treatments should be taken is also important and therefore, we bring to you several ways this condition can impact your sexual function. Being informed about these sexual issues can help you know better if or not you need a cure, or, which treatment can be appropriate for you. Medically speaking low testosterone (Low T) is a condition otherwise known as hypogonadism. If any interruption in its production causes its levels to drop below 300 nanograms per decilitre, it may impact a man’s sexual health by triggering following symptoms: Poor Erectile Function According to WebMD, Low T is only rarely a sole cause contributing to erectile dysfunction. However, it is a frequent accomplice to atherosclerosis, whereby arteries harden and disrupt blood flow to penis thus, triggering its inability to become erect. Atherosclerosis is one of the most common causes that causes this sexual dysfunction in men and usually works in combination with Low T to make difficulty in gaining erections even worse. Low Libido Researches have not yet been able to come to draw a clear conclusion over how exactly testosterone increases libido (sex drive). A drop in sex drive is normal after a man crosses his 20s. However, interest in sex fluctuates within each man over time and may be affected by factors such as sleep, stress and opportunities for sex. While some men can maintain their sexual interest even at Low T, when the levels are lowered far enough, the desire for sex in that man does experience a significant drop. Infertility This hormone plays an important role in production of sperm (vital mail units to aid in fertilization process). It is known that there are certain special hormones produced in brain that signal testes to produce to testosterone in sufficient quantities, which is important for production of a healthy sperm count. And any disruption caused in this process leads to inadequate and unhealthy sperm production thereby, triggering infertility issues in men. Treating Low Testosterone Thankfully though, there are various treatments that can help reverse low testosterone. Available in form of injections, patches, gels, implantable pellets are a few of easily available treatments that can encourage production of this vital hormone. However, there are certain other more convenient options as well that usually include supplements. Testrogain testosterone is one such supplement that using mostly natural blend of ingredients, boosts production of this vital hormone in male body. What’s more, bone and muscle strengthening abilities of this supplement contribute to its extensive demand amongst body builders.

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