Make Your Wedding Memorable With These Latest Wedding Trends

From the wedding cards to the wedding attire, from the decorations to food, there are some serious alluring trends to look forward too. So if you have got your wedding lined up for this year, there are few trends you can execute too. Show Those Groovy Moves on Creative Dance Floors Where on one hand the podium where the ceremony takes place usually steals the limelight, people are getting quite creative with the dance floors too. With the super catch marble or the old school wooden dance floors, get all artistic with the dance floors for your wedding. You can choose something that goes with the wedding theme. Choose something enchanting to dance upon for the first time as “Mr. And Mrs.” Brides Look More Beautiful With the Minimal Makeup Look Gone were the days when bride instead of looking like the real person connotes “plastic” well. Be it, Anushka Sharma or Sonam Kapoor, their minimal makeup looks has surely made the way to our hearts. While a conventional bride is supposed to wear all vibrant and bright attires and super bold make-up, these brides have broken all the stereotypes. Anushka has preferred the minimal makeup complemented well with the usual bindi, nude lips and more natural look for eyes. Sonam had preferred the heavy hair accessory with the minimal makeup look that complemented her effervescent smile. As a bride, you too can choose the “minimal make-up look”. The Whole New Colour Pallet for Bridal Lehenga If you too aren’t a big fan of “red”, for your bridal Lehenga, congratulations you have chosen the best time to get married. Yes, the current trends have empowered the brides with whole new colour pallets for their wedding attire. Blue is stealing the limelight of all. Be it an indigo-hued silky gown for the reception or the blue Lehenga, the colour has let the bride be the “show stealer” throughout. Moreover, you have got the whole deck of options to choose in jewellery that goes with blue. Conventional gold or classy diamond or minimal silver, you can choose your favourite accessories. Moreover, the couple can actually set the “twinning goals” or “couple goals” and even “wedding attire goals” with the groom looking all dapper in “blue tuxedo”. Set the Bars Really High with Mesmerising Wedding Invites Undoubtedly the wedding invites are the substantial part of any wedding preparation. When it comes to Indian Wedding Cards, the bars have already elevated a little. From the archaic time, Indians follow this practice of accompanying a gift with the wedding invites. So you have got the whole myriad of opportunities to be all playful. You can choose themed wedding cards or can even choose the traditional wedding invites. Add a little flair of your own. You can even get all playful with the gifts to send with wedding cards. You can even “go all green” with digital Indian wedding cards. This way you can save up on paper and a lot on posting cost too.

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