When You and Your Husband Are Not On Same Page – Solving Disagreements and Saving Your Marriage

In recent times the conflicts we have to face in our life are increasing at a fast rate and such conflicts are even more prevalent in marriage. The following sections of this article will look into ways to save marriage by providing you with insights on how conflict resolution works. Understand your partner’s expectations You will have to start with examining what your spouse and you expect from each other and from the relationship. Did you ever look into what you expect from your marriage? Are you aware of those expectations? Are they justifiable? It will become very easy to resolve conflicts if all expectations are examined and they are corrected to become lot more reasonable as well as realistic. One easy to understand example would be where your spouse expects to do most of the common activities together such as, going for a walk, shopping, attending social gatherings, traveling, etc. All these sound meaningful but are they causing grief? Do you think you are getting into trouble with your partner due to these issues? If such questions are arising then again ask yourself; is your expectation reasonable? Do couples of my culture expect in similar way? Spouse insists on these or looks more for chances to do tasks alone? Always remember that you will get the correct answer easily if you think of empowering questions. Effective use of communication Expectations we all have are part of communication and now we will closely look into communication and its role. Communication is essential in everything we do and commonly lack of communication is the root cause for grief. Even when partners in a relationship do not have similar opinion on a topic, if right communication exists, they can easily make the other understand that they do not agree to it. To help you better understand how communication works, according to experts almost ninety percent of the communication that occurs between people is non verbal. A small part of it consists of voice intonations as well as pace and rest majority includes what you believe plus things that go on inside the mind. Importance of non-verbal communication We will now look at one example that illustrates the influence of non verbal communication on a situation. Here husband brings flowers for his wife with only one thing in mind that this would be the most suitable way of expressing his love for the woman in his life. The husband gives the flowers to his wife without any conditions, expectations or requirements and says: “For you as I love you”. What do you think your wife’s response would be like? However, in another situation husband brings flowers for his wife and gives them to her but husband has different kind of intentions in his mind, he does love his wife but along with it he expects something in return also, he tries to soften his wife up and after handing over those flowers to her he says: “For you as I love you”. I think you can easily make the difference between the above two examples and clearly illustrates the use of non verbal communication to express something. Conclusion These two examples also tell us that by making simple adjustments in our behavior we can significantly improve the results of our efforts that focus on solving disagreements. If you respect your spouse, keep an open mind and make the partner believe that you want to grow together with him or her, your love for each other will increase considerably. Obstacles are opportunities for couples to grow beyond the comfort zone they are in and overcoming such obstacles helps us reach newer height in martial relationship and joy. Thinking about regaining the status of “Happily Married”? It is possible and is not difficult if you think it is not. But exactly how you do so? If you would like the source most couples used to revive their relationship, strengthened their marriage, regain trust and love in the marriage and not giving up then visit this Helpful Site . When you and your husband are not on same page: Solving disagreements and saving your marriage This article is for those who are really interested in and committed towards saving their marriages. You need to remember that you are in that union “for better, for worse”, “in sickness and in health”, “for richer, for poorer”, “until death ‘you’ do part”. Taking those vows lightly will only make matters worse for you and screw up your life. You need to be tough if you want to make your marriage work. You need to do things that other couples won’t do to enjoy a marriage that they never would. And what exactly is it that they do? These weak couples constitute a large percentage of the 1 in 3 marriages that end up in divorce. Do not allow that bleak statistics discourage or deter you from saving your marriage. Instead, let it spur you on towards making your marriage a success. Below you will find a few tips to further help you in this noble quest. Read on… Secret Technique Number 1 – Make Sure Everyone Knows that Your Marriage Comes First By “everyone” I mean even you! In fact people should see from your behavior that your marriage comes first. They will naturally follow your cue. So how can you ensure that your marriage always comes first? Well, start by preparing yourself for ‘reentry’ into marital atmosphere. What does that mean? When NASA (that is, North American Space Agency) sends a rocket into space, that rocket is propelled using excessive force in the form of combustible rocket fuel – okay you do not need to know all of this but hang in there it will all make sense in a moment. Once that rocket is ready to return back to Earth, certain maneuvers are needed to prepare it to reenter Earth’s Atmosphere. This is the process of reentry. In your marriage it is also the same. Most couples go to work in the morning and return home to “crash land”. That will not cut it if you aim to save your marriage. You need to let your colleagues know that 2 hours to closing time “sally (or whatever your name is) prepares for reentry into her marriage”; same goes for you Johnny. Another way to put your marriage first is to consult your spouse before dashing off with the guys / gals from the office to go grab an after work beer in the pub. In fact you really need to be seen as “in a hurry” to return back to your marital home once working hours are over. Secret Technique Number 2 – Go Out on Dates with Your Spouse So instead of hanging out all the time with your friends, how about making time weekly to go out on dates with your husband / wife (who should ideally be your best friend for life anyways)? Go out to Cinemas, go out for dinner dates, organize a picnic this Saturday, do whatever you like but like Nike would say…”Just do it!”

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