A Step-by-step Wedding Budget

Step 1 – Amount of the budget At the very beginning it is worth to determine the budget that we are able to allocate for the wedding. It is very difficult to determine the unambiguous amount of money that should be allocated for the organization of the wedding. Costs depending on the region or month can be very different. It is best to adopt a percentage distribution of money on all the most important aspects: the wedding is 48%, bride outfit – 13% bridegroom outfit – 11% music – 9% photographer – 6% rings – 5% car – 3% flowers – 3 % invitations – 2% In addition to the establishment of the preliminary budget, approximately 20% of the contingency reserve should be added. Very often the bride and groom forget about it, so they do not enjoy the wedding. Step 2 – Create a proper and backup list Having pre-defined costs, it is worthwhile to prepare two lists with specific addresses. The first list should include first choice services, while the second list should include cheaper substitutes. Such a back-up list does not have to be used, but it gives you a backup in case of unforeseen situations. It is also useful when there is a need to suddenly deplete the budget . Creating lists also allows you to better see the things that are already done and those that still need to be done. Step 3 – Share fixed and variable costs A significant facilitation of the organization of weddings is ensured by the division of costs into fixed and variable costs. As we know, the proper course of the organized party consists of a number of services, which is charged the highest margin. These are variable costs and include charges for premises, music, photography and car rental. Usually these costs are preceded by an advance payment. The appropriate amount is paid after the wedding reception and depends on whether the service provider has fulfilled the contract. Fixed costs include costs such as outfits for the bride and groom, the price of a yearling or flowers in a wholesale store. These are costs that will certainly not change. If you already feel that organizing a wedding is a difficult task or you simply do not have time for it, it is worth using professional help. Establishing the budget is the basis that helps in organizing the whole event, so it is worth to use the advice of experienced specialists. What kind of engraving on wedding rings? Wedding rings are more than two pieces of precious metal. It is a unique symbol of durability and unwavering devotion. No wonder that we pay so much attention to their choice. What and how could you engrave on them? Even if the rings you are going to buy come from a catalogue of ready-made designs, the engraving will make your model special and unique. It is only important to create a text that refers to something very important for both of you that is related to your marriage. It is possible to use ready-made texts for this purpose. You can also create something completely original. The most popular texts Very often young couples decide to engrave a typical text that is easy to convey. Among the most popular are: The most popular are: “spouse’s name and date of marriage”, “date of marriage”, “date of engagement” or “date of getting to know each other”. Engraving ready-made sentences The selection of ready-made texts perfectly suitable for engraving on wedding rings is huge. You can use a quote from a very popular song, romantic poem or even a movie. Of course, these are just a few examples of how much we can express with a well-thought-out sentence engraved on wedding rings. It is understandable that not everyone will be able to devote enough time to this matter, so it is advisable to use long lists of such texts available in various portals devoted to wedding and wedding themes.

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