Speech In Silence -2

And so I actually had to transfer from India to the gulf due to my dad’s new contract job. I had no idea of how the new school would be. I was filled with anxiety.I really missed my old school. I missed many things about my past school. I missed my best friends, teachers, play ground, canteen, gossips, morning prayers and especially the auditorium which almost resembled taj mahal. But I learnt that time waits for none. I had to forget my past life and move on to a new co-ed school. Everything was new to me. The worst part was that I failed in mathematics on the day of admission to my new school. The new principle had no hopes on me. Then later on she came to know about my board switch over and good ranking in my old school. Then came the first day of my school. I got my new school uniform. I cried and was fully filled with sadness not knowing that I’m going meet my first crush. Then days passed by and i became very comfortable with everything soon. Then I saw this guy. He was my classmate. He had a look of that kinda nerdy guy. I actually liked nerds because I was a nerd. I always wanted to know his name but couldn’t. Then finally one lucky day came that I found his name on his locker where we used to keep our books. He was a Muslim guy. His name was really new to me but it amused me. I never talked to guys and so dint attempt to speak to him. One day we had the general knowledge class and I guess both of us were interested in quiz. He suddenly got up and answered “myopia”. I was like “myopia ! Wats that? “. Omg! He impressed me a lot. He got a soft corner in my heart. And I fell in love with him one day wen I was travelling in the bus. His image suddenly flashed in front of me and when I turned around, he was in the car beside my bus. He seemed so handsome. He was travelling with two of his girlfriends which created an envy in me. I reached home and was thinking about him the whole day. I was pondering whether to marry him with or without my parents permission since he was a Muslim. I yearned for his attention towards me everyday. Since I was a shy girl I couldn’t speak to him and my only weapon was praying god. And really god was fair to me and made a wonderful incident in my life. It was unforgettable. Wondering what? He dashed me so hard when he came running from the classroom. I initially had no idea of who that guy was? Then I slowly turned and was really excited to know only that it was him. I couldn’t just believe. It was my dream come true. Actually something beyond my dreams. The most amazing thing was that he too started blushing at me. Our friends started teasing us so much, that every time they teased me I fell in a bit of love with him. And he too did the same. He blushed, smiled, laughed and fell happy whenever his friends used to tease him. We never spoke to each other but the chemistry just continued. We had many similarities like how we had our birthdays occurred in the same month. His name’s starting letter followed mine. His lucky number was of mine. Both of us really enjoyed attending classes together and everything went on smoothly. We never even proposed each other but we lived each and every moment together in our hearts and minds. I romanced with him each and every song I heard. I felt even the summer was like winter. I had butterflies in my stomach and many beautiful feelings. 3 years just passed by. Then my dad suddenly took a decision of going back to India. That was a disaster. Both of us never expected that. I was in a dilemma whether to propose him or not. I dint want to cheat him by leaving him. I did want him to miss me, but at the same time I dint want him to miss me too. Since I thought it would mentally destroy him. Then came that last moment of the board exam day which was our last day of unity. Then after two years I finally found him in Facebook. Our memories had already been faded but I still wanted to know what he was pursuing. But unfortunately I came to know that he had drowned in in a beach and had passed away.

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