Showcase Your Wedding Story with Inviter Video Invitations

For a moment, it felt as if thousand violins were played together and the air around turned lovely”. Wait! Are you describing that one moment when you said ‘Yes’ to your dream man? If you feel your story is no less than a fairytale romance, why not use it to design your wedding invitation? Why do not you tell your near and dear ones about how you guys met each other, how you fell in love and decided to walk the rest of your life with hand in hand? It is not difficult task at all, provided you have the full support from the free online video sharing portal -the Inviter. Yes, you heard it right! A video invitation portal like Inviter will not only make your love story eternal but can engrave it in hundreds of hearts in just one single touch of your finger tips… Inviter is breaking all geographical barriers Inviter is helpful in creating wonderful videos that can speak your heart to the audience and sharing it across numerous people located in different geographical locations. Such heart-wrenching video messages will enable you to build a bridge of connectedness with your family and friends. Your wedding is a big day in your life and Inviter helps you to inch closer to your near and dear with brilliant wedding invites that ooze love and only love. Reach out your beloved persons in a jiffy It might just take you 15 minutes to make such interesting wedding video invitations where you can share your wedding story in short. It can be made more interesting with some picture collages or clips of your lovely moments spent together. Inviter does not bother about the quality of video, it is just the feeling and the approach that matters the most for Inviter and the audience as well. Hence, you can use camera pictures as well. Once your video is ready, you can upload it and share it to many in one mouse click. Inviter also supports RSVP and helps you to get an updated guest list which would help you to plan the hospitality in advance. “Every love story is unique. But yours is and will always be your favorite”- this is what Inviter wedding video invitations is all about. It narrates how special is the D-day for you, how much you longed for it and how much you wish your family and friends to support you and to be with you when you walk down the aisle to become his or her forever. Just trust Inviter, you will find all your family and friends there around you wishing you all the luck and success!

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