Three Tips to Understand Others In Seconds

The physical appearance of one person could tell you a great deal about them. The colors they wear could always express how they feel like. The little details of the way they talk can tell you about their mood. If you take a closer look at the close person to you, you will know much more about them than they know about themselves. The most important weapon to have and use for good is knowledge. You may think that you know who you are, but there are many things that you tend to overlook. Here are three tips that should help you know more: 1- Clothes: The first thing you see about anyone is their appearance. The way dress should not help you judge their personality unless they dress in a certain way that never changes. If you see someone wearing rugged clothes with sweat on their back, you could easily guess what they were doing. If you see them dressed in suit then you would easily tell that they were in a meeting. However, if they wear the same style of clothing most of the time then you would know more about their personalities. People who wear suits all the time are usually ones who suffer from lack of self-esteem. People who wear rugged clothes usually try to present themselves in a dominant way. 2- Colors: People wear different colors depending on two things: their closets and their moods. But if you are going to go looking for a specific color then you probably will not find much in it to judge the personality fairly, especially if you do it a couple of times and forget about it when the colors change. If you see someone who always wears dark colors then you should easily tell that they are confident, but sometimes the dark colors, especially the blue ones, would hint to sadness. Red shades would usually show aggression or passion, intensity nonetheless. 3- Eye movements: When you are nervous, you look around a lot to capture anything that would help you regain your composure. But while many people would immediately jump into a conclusion and think that you are lying when you speak while looking around, there are other things that could cause that. Lack of concentration, for example, is one of the reasons why people look around a lot. It might help you get their attention when you realize that and it will definitely help you know more about them. It could also be because they don’t have much to say or because they are not interested in the conversation. There are many things that you could figure out about anyone through the ordinary things they do. The things that they repeat are usually the best way to know more about their personality. If you want to know more about a specific situation, you should measure the actions they are doing, such as the way they are shaking their legs or the way to continuously blink. You can easily know a lot about anyone through their body language and the signals they send with their looks. There is a pattern people take when they are faking what they are saying or lying about it. If you decide to look through the little details then you will know more.

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