Friendship and Attracting Women

What 6 things can friendships give? Fun Ways To Share Feelings Learn New Skills Find Understanding and Support Ways To Feel Needed And Useful You Can Be Yourself The kinds of friendships : Same Gender Boy-Girl Group What Makes A Good Friendship ? Shared Interests Shared Values Trust Honesty Respect Cooperation Reliability Support Understanding Sensitivity Forgiveness Tolerance How to make friends? Go where people are- most friends you make will be people who have the same interests you do. Be a friend to yourself- don’t put yourself down. Be cheerful. Smile. Don’t always wait for the other person to speak first. Be yourself.No one is perfect. Your friends won’t expect you to be, so it is best to just be yourself. Don’t expect perfection in your friends-like you. Your friends will make mistakes now and then. Laugh with them about it, but don’t put them down. Friendship is give and take. Friendship is sharing things like feelings, plans, and dreams. To make and keep a friend, you have to give as well as take. Learn to compromise. Realize you will sometimes disagree with your friend- nobody agrees all the time. Disagreements don’t have to mean the end of a relationship. Give your friend space. Almost everyone likes to be alone sometime. Give your friend space to have other friends too. Be choosy about your friends. Real friends will not ask you to do things that are harmful and against the law.Let people know that you are interested in them. Don’t just talk about yourself. Ask questions about them.So to have a friend be a friend.Remember the golden rule of friendship… “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”.Somewhere out there, a friendship is waiting to startSome of websites that you can meet new friends and start at : ICQ , ArabChat , IMVU Attracting women In order to attract smart, gorgeous women, one of the most important things that you need to do is learn how to use your attracting women body language. Sure you may not look like a movie star, nor have the riches of a European prince, but if you know how to use your body language properly, you’ve already won half the battle. Want to know how you can get started? Then here are 3 tips that you should definitely take note of. Exude Confidence First off, did you know that you can change your whole dating career just by being more confident about yourself? You may not be aware of it, but lack of self esteem has the tendency to show in your body language. The truth is, there are a lot of ways that can help you become more confident about yourself so try not to get intimidated by this step right away. If you feel like you could use a makeover, then don’t hesitate to get one. Sometimes, something as simple as a haircut can change your perspective towards life. You should also check your posture and make an effort to change it if you find yourself slouching all the time. Attracting women body language starts with your confidence in yourself. No matter what you do consciously, you cannot hide a sub-conscious negative attitude about yourself. Establish Eye Contact Eye contact is a key essential in attracting women body language. Since the eyes are considered to be the windows to one’s soul, a gaze can create a large impact in establishing the initial contact. When you first meet someone, you can practically tell whether this person is interested in you or not with a look. If you want to become more attractive to women, learn how you can use the power of a stare to lure them in. Casually Make Your Move Once you’ve become more confident and learned how to establish eye contact, you should start preparing yourself for the initial contact. Since the initial contact can make or break your chances with a woman, you should have a plan for the approach. Don’t just go up to a woman you barely know and ask her out straightforwardly. Make a casual approach through conversation and from there, try to see where it goes. Remember, the more casual you are, the better your chances will be of getting a favourable response. So there you have it. Now that you know a bit more on the secret to attracting women body language, it’s up to you to use what you have learned in order to achieve dating success. Just maintain an optimistic approach towards your love life. You’re bound to become better as you go along.

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