Finally, There is a New Way To Find Friends

The Problem Many people are tiring of just how difficult it has become to find new friends anymore. For those who live in larger cities, there are lots of places to meet new people, but it’s nearly impossible to know where their specific type of crowd can be found. Compounding this issue is the fact that more and more people are constantly on the move, so it’s no wonder they’re losing hope. Well, in this day and age, the Internet is definitely where it’s at…but not the old way. The Problem with Most Sites The problem with the majority of sites and social networks is the fact that many already know most everyone they talk to. Even if they venture to the friends of their friends, they’re still severely limited. And then they risk jeopardizing current friendships. Many have already tried sites centered on finding friendship, but it has proven frustrating for most when they become severely limited by what they can do without subscribing or upgrading. Many sites will let someone view matches and groups of people nearby, but if they decide they’d like to contact one of them, they’re usually slammed with “You must be a subscriber” alerts. If they want to contact a user a second time or contact multiple users, they must often upgrade to an even higher-cost membership plan. It’s no surprise that many are driven away from these sites, because they’re expected to pay to keep up meaningful relationships with people. As we all know, building friendships, much less relationships, takes time. It simply can’t be done in a couple of messages, and most certainly shouldn’t cause a drain in one’s bank account just to enjoy themselves. A growing trend is people joining dating sites only to list themselves as “looking for friends only.” Understandably, however, most are doing it because their choices for finding these people otherwise are few and far between on so-called “friend-finding” sites. Entirely too many sites in this niche market fail to understand that there truly are users out there that just want to talk, socialize and make friends. Sadly, looking for friends on sites geared toward dating, are normally doomed from the start. Why is this so? Because dating sites are centered on compatibility. They match people with similar interests, hobbies and likes/dislikes. The fact is, though, that many people can make great friends based on very little in common. Furthermore, many times there are ancient profiles with inactive members and out-of-date info they must weed through before they even get to the active members. Other sites have cliques that have formed over time and those that are new or shy often find difficulty working their way into these groups. Still others have a plethora of games and activities to try and bring people together that usually end up serving as little more than distractions. Why Join gives everyone live opportunities to meet real, genuine people to make friends with. We allow people communicate and answer messages free. We provide the opportunity to get to know people and form meaningful, lasting friendships. Users get presented with a chance to fill up those free evenings with the people they’ve met and have a great time. Any time someone is given the opportunity to talk to new people, they have a very real possibility of making a friend for life. actually encourages communication and gives users the tools to do so – all for free.

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