Eight Types of Friends Everyone Needs in their Life

A loyal, best friend. Sometimes a loyal best friend is the only thing you need to stay sane. Everybody needs such a non-judgmental friend who will support you no matter what happens. They know your deepest, darkest secrets, but they still love you. A fearless adventurer. We live in a big world where there are so many places to go, people to meet, and experiences to go through. However, many people get them stuck in their daily routines and forget to enjoy life. We all need adventurous friends who can bring us new ideas, cultures, views of life and activities. A confidant that dare to tell you the truth. There are certain situations in life where we need to hear the harsh truth. This is why we need a brutally honest confidant. If you are in a rocky relationship, everyone’s telling you that it’s normal to make it up with someone for the 8th time in the past two years. However, an honest confidant will negate you in a constructive way. “Enough! Stop staging a break-up-and-make-up drama, you deserve better.” Friends are supposed to be honest to each other. You’re lucky if you happen to have such a friend. A wise mentor. Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up. You’re lucky if you have someone smart, inspiring and admirable who are putting this idea into practice. We all need a friend to better us without making us feel inadequate. In addition, staying with such a person can encourage us to better ourselves every day. The wise mentor in life doesn’t have to be someone who shares the same profession or habit with you. It’s simply someone who has a few steps ahead of you and has enough wisdom and patience to guide you in the right direction. Your mentor can be anyone — your colleague, elder friend, or old neighbor — as long as you look up to them and want to be more like them. A friend from different cultures. The last thing you want to be described as is someone who get stuck in their own ways. If everyone has a friend from different cultures, this world will be a better place. Cross-cultural friendship will inspire you to explore customs, values and traditions outside of your own cultures. Sometimes you may do things in a new way. A polar opposite. We are born to get together and attack the outsiders — this is a common human mentality. You may get detached from the rest of the world if you just make friends with people who share the same beliefs, customs, and values with you. You are more likely to follow perpetuate stereotypes to treat people with different world view. Instead of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, try to break out of your comfort zones and befriend someone with different world views. They will help widen your horizon, and you will learn to accept people who see the world not as exactly as you are. A friendly neighbor. Now many people don’t know their neighbors. It’s shame that many neighbors are the nicest and the most obliging person. If you are on a vacation, you suddenly realize that you forget to lock the front door. You can call up your trusty neighbors head over your house and lock it. Supportive and dependable neighbors are a dying breed, but it doesn’t mean you needn’t introduce yourself to your neighbors across the street. A working pal. Do you know that with a full-time job, you spend 50% of your time on working? Not only that, you spend more personal time on commuting, thinking about your work, working overtime and furthering your career. Is it depressing? Statistics show that the more isolated you are at work, the more depressed you get. That’s why it makes sense to get a work pal to chat with at the water cooler and to help you get through the week. your working pal doesn’t have to be your best friend outside your work. They just need to click with you on some level, if your two hit it off exceptionally well, you can hang out together outside of your work.

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