Style Tips For Your First Date

“What if he is not my type?” “What if we run out of things to talk about?” There are umpteen number of things to worry about when it comes to the first date. But the most important thing that worries us is, “what should I wear?” Comfort and elegance are key, when it comes to that. With too many rules to remember, it can get a bit confusing when deciding the outfit. Read below some tips which help you dress right for your first date. 1) Don’t go for trends It’s best to not experiment on your first date. Stick to whatever you like even if it’s not the latest trend. Your personal style says a lot about you. It’s important that your date likes you for how you like to dress instead of expecting a model look every time. So, do not go for that runway look. Also, do not go for those high heels if you’re not used to them. Wear something which you’re comfortable in. 2) Don’t show too much skin Look sexy but don’t reveal too much. Try to go midway between regular and hot. If you’re wearing a dress for drinks and dinner date, you can go for a slip maxi dress. If you decide on a pair of shorts for a coffee date, don’t wear the mini shorts. Wear a full sleeved top instead of an off-shoulder one. Remember girls, giving all away on the first date itself is no way classy! 3) Don’t wear the ‘suck-it-in’ outfit It’s perfectly okay to wear something a little loose that does not show too much of your ponge, even if it is not so sexy. Go for it rather than wearing something hot which requires you to suck-in all the time. Remembering to suck it in while in the middle of the conversation can be a bit too much and might put you out of your comfort zone. It might also make you look nervous at times. 4) Don’t wear too much make-up Going a little light on make-up is always advisable on a first date. Too much make-up would conceal the real you. Your date should see how you originally look and he should fall for that. No need to hide all of your pimples under those layers of make-up because guess what? He’s anyway going to find out later! So it’s best not to shock him. Opt for a lighter shade of lipstick or a nude one. 5) Dress for the occasion Most importantly, dress for the occasion girls! We know you’re dying to wear that gorgeous little dress you bought last weekend but no, you cannot wear it to a bowling alley. Go for a pair of skinny jeans and a high neckline top for your bowling date. Do not wear a dinner gown to a coffee date. Instead, opt for something which is a little more casual like a day-time dress or a day-time skirt. What did you wear on your first date? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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