Major Turn Offs On The First Date

The first date is usually the deal maker or a deal breaker. Sometimes, the first date is enough to click and impress the other whereas, sometimes it may take more than only the first meet. Based on how you feel about the person on the first date, you also decide if you want to meet him/her again or not. Here are a few things which may break the deal… 1) The Ex Files It’s a big no-no to talk about your ex on your first date. It generally gives the impression that you’re not over your ex. If you can’t stop brooding over your old relationship for hours then, you’re not ready for a new one. 2) Getting drunk Getting drunk on the first date is definitely not the best thing to do. If you can’t handle it then, best to not drink too much. It’s okay to drink but within limits. Also, you slip something which you’re not supposed to talk about if you’re drunk. 3) Forgetting your wallet You don’t want to come across as a cheapster on your first date. Although nowadays, everyone goes Dutch. Or, one person pays the first time and the other person pays the second time. Whichever it may be, you need have cash on you. 4) Bragging No one likes a bragger. Trust me, nobody wants to know about your HNI contacts or how rich you are! So, talk more about your experiences instead of boasting about your life. Also, boasting makes the conversation boring for the other person. 5) Checking out other girls/guys You need to stop checking out other girls/guys in the coffee shop or restaurant you’ve chosen for your first date and concentrate on the one sitting right in front of you. Checking out others often comes across as disrespectful and make the other person feel like you’re not looking for anything serious. 6) Asking the other person about the future of the relationship Calm down! You cannot have all the answers right away. Give it time to flourish on its own rather than pushing it. Don’t get anxious and ask him/her about it, on your first date. People often need time to know each other and trust the other person. Hurrying into a relationship will only spoil it.

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