What Should I Do if My Wife Cheated On Me? How to Survive Her Affair and Betrayal

Now that you know the truth and that your wife did in fact cheat on you, what are you supposed to do next? You were so focused on catching her in the act that now that you know the truth, you have absolutely no idea what to do next. You want to still love her and be with her, but you can’t fathom how you are ever going to get through this affair. You love her so much but you can’t understand why she would ever betray you like this. Of course, you have been tempted in the past but you always remained true to her and never waivered. You feel like you have been punched in the gut by her and it is making you feel sick and numb. So what should you do if your wife cheated on you? What are the right steps to take and how you do properly survive her affair and betrayal? It’s time that you had a helping hand in this matter and that you figured out what steps you needed to take next. First things first, you need some time away from her. Time heals all wounds and you need to take all of the time you need to do just that. You need to clear your head so you don’t do something to make matters even worse. Get her to move out of the house or do so yourself. No matter what the situation is, you both need time apart. This is crucial. You should also refrain from cheating on her as well, as a form of revenge. It is tempting to want to get back at her, but you can’t do it. Don’t stoop to her level just because you are angry. Keep a good head on your shoulders and don’t make her feel the way she made you feel. You’re the bigger and better person here. Stick to your guns. Another thing to do if your wife cheated on you is to talk to her about it with a professional. A therapist can have a lot of insight for both of you on how to rebuild, if that’s the route you choose, so you both can live happily ever after again. Having a neutral person there to help extinguish any arguments and help to play devil’s advocate for you both, will be something that you both need right now. The final step in overcoming infidelity and getting back to normal is asking your wife why she did it. Try not to ask for any details, as those will just upset you further, but ask her why she felt compelled to cheat. You need to understand why she felt the urge to do this. Did she feel alone? Did she feel unsatisfied? Does she still love you? You need to know. Get the truth out of her and be as honest with each other as possible, after you have taken some time of course. It’s easy to get caught up in the anger, hurt and rage as soon as you learn the news, but if you are able to keep a good head on your shoulders, you will be able to survive your wife’s infidelity and move forward in life.

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