Signs of Infidelity in Women – How to Tell if Your Wife is Cheating on You and How to Stop it?

Having the gut wrenching feeling that your wife is cheating on you is leaving you with a pain in your heart and sleepless nights. You want to believe that your suspicions are wrong but you just don’t know anymore. Every time she leaves your sight, you wonder where she is going and whom she is going to see. It is driving you absolutely crazy. You just want to get some clarity in this matter. You want to know what is really going on and you want to know it now. Instead of playing the guessing game, you want to play the reality game where you find out exactly what is going on in your marriage. In order to bust her in the act, you need to know some signs of infidelity in women. That way, you can tell if your wife is cheating on you and finally be able to stop it. Instead of lying awake at night, you can sleep soundly knowing that you know the truth. Even though all women are different, there are some universal signs that cheaters have when they are doing something they shouldn’t be. Here are some universal signs of infidelity in women that you need to know about. Lack of intimacy. If you and your wife are not having sex at all any more, it could be because she is cheating on you. She doesn’t want to get too close to you in fear that she could be placed in a vulnerable moment that forces her to tell the truth and ruin her affair. Not sleeping with you altogether is a better option for her. Then, she can keep the blame on you for why your marriage is falling to pieces. She gets to have her cake and eat it too. Mixed emotions. One moment, she is fine and the next, she turns into a monster. Her emotions are all over the place if she is having an affair on you. One moment, she loves you and feels bad about what she is doing so she might get emotional for no reason and the next, she resents you and spats at you. It’s all over the place. A woman who is having an affair is a melting pot of mixed emotions. She’s never around. If she barely spends any time with you any more or completely ignores you when she is home, that is a big sign that she is cheating. She is trying to avoid any moment that could make her feel vulnerable by avoiding being at the house with you completely. If you barely talk to her or she is never around, you need to find out why. With these signs of infidelity in women, you can get better at knowing what is going on in your marriage, especially if she isn’t going to be honest, which is probably the case. Now you have some leverage to use against her and to help you in busting her in the act once and for all.

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